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Toward Achieving the Goals, Toward Changing the Game 

Partnering with O2Run opens the door to unparalleled success in the rapidly evolving EV charging landscape. 


Be Flexible to Choose

We offer a variety of collaboration options to fit any business case.


Get a Full Control

Attain full control of your network using our solutions suite.


Market your Name

Customize our solutions under your name to boost your brand.


What do you Think about Building our Partnership Relation !

Collaboration is fundamental for advancing sustainable development goals, especially in the realm of EV charging solutions. At O2Run, we recognize the importance of collaboration and offer flexible alliance options tailored to suit your unique business case. Whether you're seeking a profit-sharing partnership or a customized collaboration model, we are committed to finding the perfect fit for your needs within the EV charging ecosystem. 

Our alliance options include profit partnerships and a variety of other collaboration models designed to facilitate mutual growth and success. Whether you operate in the automotive industry, real estate, or any other sector, we are dedicated to establishing strong, sustainable relationships that benefit all parties involved. With our EV charging solutions, we aim to revolutionize the electric mobility landscape and drive sustainable development.  

Get in touch with us today to explore how we can create a partnership that maximizes value and accelerates growth for your business.  

  • Flexibility &  Scalability
  • Innovation & Knowledge Sharing 
  • Access New Markets
  • Speed to Markets
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Do you Like to Play our Solutions under
your Brand Name !

Our White label solution offer a strategic opportunity for businesses to expand their product offerings and enter new markets without the need for significant investment in product development, manufacturing, and testing. We produce generic charging solutions, which will be then rebranded under your own brand name.

Overall, our white label solution represents a strategic option for business growth and diversification, offering a balanced approach to expanding product lines while minimizing costs and risks. Here are the key benefits of adopting our white label service:

  • Quick Market Entry
  • Focus on Core Competencies 
  • Brand Enhancement
  • Customization & Branding
The EV Industry Numbers are Speaking Loud

To Live Sustainable
Ecosystem Lifestyle



EV Industry Value



CPOs by 2029



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EVs on Road by 2050


Do you Prefer to Get an Exclusive Agency !

Become the sole distributor of our cutting-edge EV charging solutions in your area/city/country with our exclusive agency partnership. As our exclusive agent, you'll enjoy unique advantages and dedicated support, ensuring a strategic partnership that sets you apart in the dynamic landscape of EV charging. 

Partner with us as our exclusive agency and unlock unparalleled opportunities for success in the EV charging industry. Contact us today to explore this exclusive partnership opportunity 

  • Guaranteed Exclusivity
  • Stronger Clients Relationships
  • Increased Motivation
  • Better Resources Allocation
  • Brand Alignment and Representation
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Are you Looking for a Trusted Supplier !

Developing a relationship with us a your trusted supplier can bring significant advantages to your business across various industries, from manufacturing and retail to services and technology. The benefits that you'll get can affect multiple aspects of operations, enhancing efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction. 

As a trusted supplier, we consistently deliver top-notch products and services and meeting our clients' expectations. You can confidently source your products from us:

  • Proven Reliability 
  • Predictable Quality
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Supply Stability 
  • Access to New Products and Technologies