EV Charging Software
just for your Business

Streamline and optimize the operation, management,
and utilization of your EV Charging Stations


Unique eMobility Opportunities for
EV Charging Main Players

By continually adapting to the evolving competitive landscape,
O2RUN aims to solidify its position as a leader in innovation and sustainability within the EV industry

Charging Points Operators/Owners

CPOs are the main back-end players, so we developed smart solutions for them to provide, manage, and maintain global networks of EV charging stations.  

eMobility Service Providers | EMSPs

EMSPs are the main front-end leaders, so we offer them a set of  solutions that meet their needs and enhance their consumers’ interface and experience.

Global Strategic Partners

O2Run appreciates all kinds of collaboration with industry leading partners in private and governmental sectors to strategically build the EV-friendly infrastructure.

S O L U T I O N S   S U I T E

Discover the Top
of our Solutions Suite

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Smart Charging Management System
(SCMS - SaaS) 

Our user-friendly platform is designed to streamline and optimize the operation, management, and utilization of EV charging stations. It serves as the backbone for managing the ecosystem of EV charging infrastructure, and providing essential services to both operators and users


Roaming Hub with OCPI
(Global Networking)

Our EV Networking Hub is developed to streamline the process between the CPOs and EMSPs to enhance operations, boost user experience, improve accessibility to charging infrastructure, and integrate with broader energy systems.


Universal Web App Map 

Our WAM provides information about EV charging stations' locations, availability, and other relevant details to EV owners and drivers. Pin you stations pins and benefit EV drivers in planning trips and finding nearby charging options.


Smart-Devices Apps

Our software application designed for smartphones to provide EV owners with the ability to locate charging stations, manage charging sessions, and access a variety of related services, helping to enhance the convenience, accessibility,  and overall experience


White Labelling Stack

We care about your business and your brand to be at the forefront of EV charging industry which is at its very early stage. So, we customized for you a fully customizable EV charging solutions stack for backend system, SCMS portal, mobile apps, and others. 


Board Hardware Store

We provide a broad range of chargers and charging components for any and all uses including commercial and personal chargers, connectors, cables, and others with high-level specifications, technical features, and warranties certifications. Visit our store

Revenue Sources

Explore various types of revenue sources available through partnering with us.

SaaS Subscription​ 

By having our systems white labeled, you’ll be able to provide them as your SaaS to your operators


Commerce & eCommerce​​

By purchasing our hardware products and reselling them under your name for B2C, B2B, and B2G


Operating as a CPO​

Developing charging points in your cities’ infrastructure open the door to generate revenue per charging session​


Charging Fees​

Percentage Commission on every kWh charged by the end customers​


Parking Fees​

Generate additional revenues by charging parking fees once the charge is complete​


Installation & Training​

Installing Charging Stations for your B2B operators with training sessions to provide the know-how 



EV Industry Value



CPOs by 2029



Expected Value in 2024



EVs on Road by 2050

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